1. Good morning!
    What all was updated in the chapter 12 notes?
    I have been staring at my old copy and new copy since the update and I can’t see any difference


  2. Good evening,
    I was wondering how the final quizzes are setup. Is it by chapter? (-example quiz 1 reviews chapter 7 & 8.) it bothers me that I can’t tell what exactly to study for in each quiz. I would much prefer to have an idea as to what I’m looking for, I believe that will help me study better, not knowing exactly what I need is very overwhelming.

    Thank you for anything that will help and for all the hard work you have put into your class over this pandemic.

    I also want to encourage my peers to keep studying and to give these last few weeks their best!

    You can do it!


    1. We have streamlined the study material as COVID-19 accommodation. Yes.

      For your final: Please study ALL of your % double circle direct hits, even the % double circle direct hit material before we went totally online.


        1. Study the % double circle direct hits and you will be at least 90 percent safe. Maybe completely safe, if I did it the way I tried.

          You are welcome to study elsewhere if you feel the need.


  3. Mr. Barnes, if we completed our online chapter quiz homework earlier in the semester, does that affect if we’re counted present for the week or not since they’re already done? Thanks!


  4. So with the lecture notes are we not worried about the yellow highlights anymore? Just the green double circle direct hits?? Just making sure i’m doing the right thing.
    Thank You!


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