Principles of Biology 2 Lecture Question and Answer/introduce yourself

Post general course questions in the comments and subscribe.  Introduce yourself:  Tell the geographic location where you would love to live and do your favorite job.

Online civility and netiquette

Finding a buddy with which to share class information is helpful.

Please direct personal questions to me, in Canvas.

Bro. Barnes

For the new online Canvas student


  1. Hello….. I was wondering about the lab final, so do we have a study guide for the test? To help with preparing for the final?


    1. Yes. Your study guide is made of all of the % double circle direct hits (important highlights) you have recorded for the semester. They are the same for the class and the lab.


  2. Hello Dr. Barnes.
    I was wondering about the test for this week, will we be allowed to have a note card just as if we were in class? will that be encouraged for your online tests?


  3. I was wondering where I can read about what you are talking about in your videos, I do better if I can read along with videos or just reading in general.


  4. Hello….do we have work to do outside of what’s on canvas? Like do we have to do work or answer any questions on the blog and YouTube channels?


    1. The graded portion is on Canvas and is used to take attendance. The YouTube and blog sites are the teaching platforms which will lead you to excellence on the graded material. I do not grade the YouTube or blog responses.


  5. Hello Bro. Barnes, I wanted to ask are the mock practicals vocabulary the same as the lab test or will there be different vocabulary we need to study for the lab test.


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