1. In regards to the quizzes what are the double circle direct hits for chapters 8 thru 14? I no for chapters 1 thru 7…we have them highlighted specifically because we were in class!!! As for 8 thru 14 I’m lost


  2. Hello! I have another question, are you surprised? Haha! I am wondering what the SLO/Comprehensive Test is on our “grades” tab?


  3. Bro Barnes , quick question?
    So will we have a test for chapters 11-14? or is the next test after 8 thru 10 the final?


  4. I know you said that our due dates in canvas is a way for us to keep up with making sure we are counted ‘present’ for the week versus absent, but we don’t have many due dates in canvas and I have already done all of the homework assignments, so I was wondering how that will affect us.
    Thank you,
    Sarah Smith


    1. There should be something due every week. Due to your online homework you may submit more than one assignment for the week.

      Do check though and alert me if you do not see a graded assignment for the week. That is how attendance is taken.

      Thank you for your diligence, Sarah.


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