Sixth-sense in the park

The sky was a dark and the park seemed a little too quiet.  I parked on the southeast side by the bathrooms.  It gave me the creeps.  Never felt this way before here.  I needed to go to the bathroom and so I did.  When I emerged, it was sunny.  Maybe that is why I felt weird…just needed more sunshine.

Began walking for exercise….a person was parked sideways across several parking spaces while on the cell phone….I diverted my walking path.

I walked the park circle facing one-way traffic….a bus full of school children left the playground.  I was about to the “dog park” on the northwest corner.  I actually said it out loud:  “This is giving me the creeps, but where else (what other park) would I go?”  (I was visiting from out-of-town.)

All of a sudden here came….

A white 4-door foreign vehicle with 4 young males followed by a silver 4-door sedan and 3 young males.  A caravan of youth.  They slowly passed me due to some speed bumps.  “Please Lord, help them keep moving,” I prayed in my brain.  I turned around to check, and my fears were realized as they whipped their cars into the parking lot by the marina and moved rapidly back toward me facing oncoming traffic.

Sixth sense: A predator-prey relationship was developing….

In the passenger seat the young man started mumbling something out the window to me. I boldly exclaimed: “You are going the wrong way.”  He kept talking.  I repeated, “this is a one-way street, turn around, you’re going the wrong way!”  Tense.

The cars began pulling past me and stopped on the right side.  Then, as a white pickup  traveled into the park, I waved to the pickup and loudly said: “Please stay with me!  Those two cars are messing with me!”  Immediately the man occupying the passenger-seat in the white pickup (age 40-ish) jumped out, came around and stood with me.  He said: “Do we need to call the Police?”  I replied: “Suspicious behavior at least.”  The two cars paused for a minute as I pointed their direction.  The two cars moved rapidly out of the park, continuing to go against the flow of the one-way street….then to the adjoining main street. They turned left as if they are going to go across that bridge over the bay.

I asked the two guys in the pickup if they would take me to my car about 300 yards away, diagonally across the park.  They immediately offered the bed of the pickup and the younger gentleman got in the back with me and talked with me, apologizing for “this”…..I reminded him it was not his fault.  “You guys must be Angels,” I said.  As we arrived at my car, there were two cars, each with one youth, both silverish/gold/brownish 4-door sedans pointing outward as if “ready to go”….one in a space by the bathrooms and the other blocking the exit.  The lead car told the older male driving me to “come around, (come past).”  These young men were not here when I motioned to the location of my car just moments before.

I jumped out… in my car and immediately drove across the grass and passed the pick-up who came to my rescue, leaving the park.  I did not look back.  Immediately, I called 911 and got police on the cell.  I talked to a female dispatcher and something seemed to “register” when I said: “white four-door sedan.”

As I crossed the spillway with construction near the distant end, two police cycles were heading across the lower portion of the spill-way toward my previous location.


I believe the female in the parked car was casing the park and informing her people of what was “available.”

When I pointed to my car, needing transport, there were no other cars nearby.  I believe I had been set up to be trapped.  I was going to get mugged on the loop and IF I made it to my car, there were two more waiting there.  Why aren’t these kids in school?  Spring break?!

The white pickup and the gentlemen inside were the “hand of God.”  It was not my primitive skill at karate that secured my moment, but it was providence in the form of two men in a white pickup.  Not by my own will or power, but His.  I walked away untouched.


  1. Thank the Lord that white pickup was there to help you and thankfully you have situational awareness. So many people lack it these days, it’s actually quite scary what can go on around someone and they never know it. Spread the word, keep your eyes open and your head constantly moving.! So glad you made it out safe.!

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  2. Wow! That is truly scary!! Thank God you are here to tell that tale. Your guardian angels surely had your back that day. A reminder to always be aware of your surroundings!

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  3. I’m sorry that happened to you, but glad you are okay. God is soo good and is the ultimate provider-whatever the need.
    He knows,
    He cares,
    He sees,
    He’s right there.
    He’ll carry you.
    He’s concerned about you.

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