I have an idea.  It is possible that discipline and respect is a critical need of students in our U.S.A. schools.  It seems to me that many of those committing the violence have lost the “group conscience” in their lives:  They have made the decision to go “violent solo” and this plan doesn’t jive with life itself.

I have taught school for most of my adult life and I can unequivocally say that personal discipline, achievement and social skills are seriously lacking in many of our precious children (and sometimes myself).  I have studied addiction and recovery quite extensively and one of the common threads among drug abusers is the desire to “belong.”  Our children need direction.  Karate provides that home, that family.  Karate fosters personal discipline and respect of authority.  I believe that if we expect to be a nation of achievement-oriented individuals working as a finely-tuned machine, karate school might be one of many solutions to enable the youth to gain important personal resources and strategies for life.  I suggest karate school because I have seen the effect of the “dojo community” in promoting excellence and fitness in both young and old.

I can think of church, sports, school clubs, band and many other social organizations that provide the “family” that many children need.  Let’s begin today and mentor a child (including our own children) toward service projects or some of the social engagements that provide authentic meaning.  Begin with prayer.