1. This made me smile. It sounds like a great idea but the idea of everyone going around trying to karate chop the bad guys away makes me laugh. Great thoughts!

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  2. There are many types of “group families” that the kiddos can belong to. Karate of course, is an excellent choice. It definitely teaches discipline and control. I believe it to be especially beneficial for boys. I work with young children and families and personally I believe boys (some girls too), although more prevalent with boys have lots more energy to burn. (Possibly shorter attention span)Physical groups are a good choice for this reason. I think Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are also good groups to belong to as well. Church youth groups are a superb choice. I think much of the problem today with young people needing to belong can be linked back to parenting skills. No one is a perfect parent but if parents can learn more about parenting it can make a huge difference. It is very important to know the development stages of children. There is a certain age in development when a person will isolate or learn intimacy (how to connect with others) Between ages 12-17 a critical point of a young person’s identity is forming. Many of the ones that resort to violence have had a break down somewhere in their development. Refer to Erik Erickson’s 8 stages of life and life crises.

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