Flashback: Stuff I figured out along the way; what I figured out after the test. FYI forum.

The idea is one of collaboration.  As you progress along your professional pathway, please tell me (and us) stuff you have learned:

Things I wished I would have known back then:  procedures, facts, attitudes, strategies, study habits, troubleshooting, memories, victories and mistakes.

Something that “clicked.”  “Hindsight is 20/20.”

Time capsule of knowledge.

Discoveries, “aha” moments……epiphanies, serendipitous moments.

Send/post links too, if that will aid in our understanding. Tell it.  Help us out.  Bestow some positive energy, please.

This is not a “Haters” forum.  Be nice or your comment will not be approved.

(THINK:  is it true, is it honest, is it insightful, is it necessary, is it kind.)



  1. I have learned to slow down and be patient. I rushed through college the first time around, always focusing on being in a place in life I thought I should be at that age. I missed out on some good things and rushing just caused me to mess up and take longer to achieve my goals. I think each person is born with different obstacles and issues in life they must face, so it would be silly to expect everyone’s life cycle to proceed in the exact same steps. I now enjoy these stages of life I go through regardless of where I think I should be or want to be. It makes me a much happier person.

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  2. I have learned that loving yourself and making yourself a priority, isn’t selfish. I think that too many people, including myself, struggle with codependency. Always wanting to help others and we tend to take on others’ issues and pain. While it is not a bad thing to help others in need, if we are neglecting ourselves in the process, it can be destructive to our mental health. Sometimes its the right choice to take a step back, reconnect, and take care of yourself.


  3. Well in my older self, I have to say, college has become the most important journey in my life right now. I sit in my clsses and listen and watch young people that are far younger than myself. I liten to the conversations, I look at the choice of clothes or lack thereof. I see the various attitudes that some have and I can even see those who are still confused and not sure of their place just yet. However, I do smile at the fact they are all trying and some of those same behaviors I use to have when I was young. Not the attitudes but some of the behaviors. We all have to meet certain requirements to even walk in the doors of college and then there are the additional requirements for the program of choice.
    I want to speak specifically about the Nursing program for any level student and at any college and in any state. I understand there are state requirements and or school requirements to even be accepted into this field. I will not say that I agree with them all, but that is my opinion. I will have to say that I think the only requirements that one should have to have beyond high school and the general education classes are determination attitude and will power. There is no standardized test to measure that, however, a conversation will tell you exactly the type of person you are allowing to enter this profession or shall I say that is attempting to enter this profession. Test cores does not necessarily qualify one to become a nurse but their attitudes does. I don’t mean sit in a room with a panel of instructors, board members etc and ask the same set of questions. I mean in all honesty those questions leave the room with every applicant that enters those interviews. I am talking about the same panel just having a conversation with the respected individuals then that is what will determine who is entering the program. There is no need for questions the applicant will tell you everything you want to know and no questions asked. I know what you are reading if you have gotten this far is lengthy, however, I am currently in summer sessions and I see that today’s youth are far from the youth of my era. Everyone complains and feels entitled. No one wants to own their mistakes, everyone wants respect but doe not feel they should give it. I experienced an event during first summer session that has changed my life for the rest of my life and I was determined to continue to fight and finish the journey to becoming a nurse. Besides I made a promise that I would finish. What I do now is that as long as there are testing requirements in place and not a requirement for attitude, moral, and values there will always be a shortage of Nurses in the United States of America.


    1. Character is a a cherished virtue in my book. Standard requirements are what they are. Fortunately, we have choices. ( I have learned that “rejections” in my life are simply answers. They tell me which doors are open and which are closed.) Thank you for choosing this class!


  4. I love what Jayce said about YouTube! It has truly save my acedemic life when it comes to memorization. It turns out there is a song to everything when it comes to the body!!! I know this link may seem childish, but it’s one of many I will never forget!


  5. Fortunately, I’ve never struggled with school work, board exams, etc. However, looking back at my high school and previous college years I realize that if I had put forth some effort I could have done exceptionally well instead of just good or average. I have found the best way for me to study and place the information I’m learning into my long term memory is to type my notes after class. It may seem like extra work but by the time I finish I have taken the notes in class, read them as I typed, and read back over them once I printed them. Before you know it you have reviewed the information three times and I organized the information as I typed it in a way I could better process it. After I began doing this, I noticed when it came time to start “cramming” for the test I knew the information a lot better. Not to mention when it came time for the comprehensive final I had retained the information instead of simply cramming it into my brain long enough to take the test.

    Having an instructor that post review videos on you tube is really helpful!!! 😉

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  6. Throughout my time in college, I like to think that I’ve picked up a few things. I have learned that studying and learning take on different forms. I like to study by watching videos (like YouTube) that help break down what I am learning in simple terms. Once I have what I’m learning in a simplified manner, I can begin to add in more and more from what I am learning in class. I also relate what I am studying to things I like. One of these things is making strange and silly acronyms out of things that make me laugh. But I think out of everything I’ve learned is that I can’t hang on to what has already happened. Especially when it comes to tests. I used to go on shopping sprees when I didn’t make a good grade or was anxious about a test I had just taken and took it out on my wallet, which was definitely not a good thing. I’ve slowly started learning that what is done is done. I can’t change it, but I can make an improvement for the next test. It also helps to know that your grades do not define who you are as a person. Yes, they aren’t what you want them to be and you can either spend the rest of that class hating it and dreading every minute of it or you can decide that you won’t let that class defeat you. You are a unique one of a kind person who can do whatever you set your mind to and you will see the results you want. Your grades are not a reflection of who you are, but strive to do better. Keep going not for others but for yourself.

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  7. I have learned that I do not always have to be “perfect”. However, I like to keep on a schedule. I have also learned that highlighting things, and flashcards aid a lot in studying.

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  8. Throughout my time in undergrad, the journey of navigating self-care has been almost like a rollercoaster. One day, I know how to take care of myself completely in the midst of stressful deadlines, and the next, I suddenly “do not have time” to do so. With this fluid process of trying to care for myself more, I have to continuously remind myself that sleep is more important than a letter grade. Still, I am stubborn, and I lose sleep in order to study just a bit more or look over a paper a couple more times. and the stress builds up about passing my assignments. Regardless of all of this, we have to understand the importance of maintaining a balance in our lives, and while it is easier said than done, caring for ourselves as individuals is a crucial part of life that we have to make a priority.

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  9. I’ve learned to let go of perfectionism. I tell myself that perfect does not exist. This gives me the freedom to put in my best effort and do something well, without focusing on the minor things that may not have gone as I would have liked them to.

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  10. I have anxiety, and I have learned that a modicum of preparation and organization mitigates my angst. I have learned that taking ten minutes a couple of times a week to write down everything that needs to be accomplished and allot times to accomplish tasks alleviates stress and panic. I also have to study a little every day and read information before class in order to be prepared. I’m a spaz, but I’ve found that embracing it rather than denying it and procrastinating has helped my overall success tenfold. This is my second attempt at college, and this time around I’m blessed to have the gift of hindsight. I can definitely use what I’ve learned to avoid some of the mistakes from my past.

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    1. To know oneself is a beautiful thing! Commendations. Looking in the mirror and accepting the person looking back is the beginning of an ordered future.

      I have learned to attempt to take one day at a time. Attempt is a good word.

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  11. Something i’ve learned about study habits, is that for me studying should be done periodically and not crammed the night before an exam. My grades really improved once i started a different study habit.

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