AP2 face-to-face lecture Question and Answer/introduce yourself

Post general questions in the comments and subscribe.  To introduce yourself, where would you like to be living while performing your dream job?

Online civility and netiquette

Take time and exchange contact information with a couple of trusted classmates.

Please direct personal questions to me, in Canvas.

Bro. Barnes


For the new online Canvas student


  1. Hi my name is Savannah and I would like to be a well baby nurse or mother to baby nurse. I would like to stay around the olive branch or Hernando area because I’m not the best with change.


  2. Goodmorning Doctor Barnes,
    I am having trouble pulling up the quiz for Respiratory and Urinary on Canvas. I am wondering if anyone else is having trouble as well. I clicked on both quizzes and nothing pulled up for starting the quizzes.


    1. Do you mean the Pearson online?

      You have a couple of drop grades built in.

      Please attempt them regardless because work in them counts as your attendance.

      Keep me posted.


      1. Good Morning Dr. Barnes,
        I was able to complete my assignments this morning. It must have been a site error. Thank you for your response. Have a good day.

        Happy Easter Everyone


  3. Dr. Barnes,

    Good afternoon! I have a question I hope you can clear up for me about our attendance. The only quiz I have noticed this week the Final Prep Quizzes. Are these the ones that count toward attendance, and do I need to complete at least one a week? Or as long as they are completed by 4/26 I am good for attendance? Thank you very much!

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  4. This is the first time I’ve seen any one on here. How does this work exactly? If anyone wants to group face time or how ever you guys want to study I’m game just let me know.


  5. Hello Dr. Barnes. For the online class work provided on campus, do we just need to complete everything by the due dates and keep reading and studying our materials? Do we need to be on campus for class days such as Monday (today) and Thursday at the normal class times?


    1. Especially the ones that show up with due dates on Canvas. Those count as your attendance.

      At this point we are rolling exclusively online and do not anticipate being back on campus soon.

      The course notes/highlights are in the blog for your class that says course downloads.

      We are almost finished.

      Keep up the good work!


  6. Good to hear from you also! I don’t have any other specific questions at this time. I will reach out to Chandra. Thanks!


    1. You are the first! A while back Chandra Smith started a study group in AP2 class. Message her in Canvas and see what is going on with her group. This is here for answering questions so ask away if needed…..good to hear from you.


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