Common name (holhchifo):  persimmon (okof, onkof)

Scientific name:  Diospyros

Leaf (heshi):

Shape(yukomi)/morphology/growth habit:

Bark (iti hukshup):

Fruit (nan uni) /seed (nehi)/reproductive:

Video links:

Happy Thanksgiving Persimmon, 2018 video by Darrell Barnes


This tree identification page is a collaboration of Darrell Barnes, Todd Willis, students and interested parties.  The goal is to create a tree identification quiz.

Photo location and credit for pic will be in the image description.

(Chickasaw) from:  Humes, James and Humes, Vinnie May James.  A Concise Chickasaw Dictionary. Chickasaw Press, 2015.  These were the native peoples of North Mississippi.

Your edits in the comments are appreciated.  Thanks!

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