Catalpa tree

Common name (holhchifo):  catalpa or catawba

Scientific name:  Bignoniaceae

Leaf (heshi):

Shape(yukomi)/morphology/growth habit:

Bark (iti hukshup):

Fruit (nan uni) /seed (nehi)/reproductive:

Video links:

Night Catalpa on the Hernando Square by Darrell Barnes

Catalpa Tree childhood memories by Darrell Barnes

Catalpa Tree beans by Darrell Barnes

This tree identification page is a collaboration of Darrell Barnes, Todd Willis, students and interested parties.  The goal is to create a tree (iti) identification quiz.

Photo location and credit for pic will be in the image description.

(Chickasaw) from:  Humes, James and Humes, Vinnie May James.  A Concise Chickasaw Dictionary. Chickasaw Press, 2015.

The book shows the correct pronunciation of the Chickasaw words used in this application.  Some of the Chickasaw tree names listed may be names of the fruit or edible portion.  The Chickasaws were the native peoples of North Mississippi and are the Brother Tribe to the Choctaw people.

(iti, itti’ = tree)

Your edits in the comments are appreciated.  Thanks!

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