Shadows are made because of the light shining on an object. You are that light!

In your attempt to bring light, illumination falls; clarity is ushered in. Your effort allows others to find the way.

Do not grow tired as you walk the path. Take care of yourself. Its’ the journey AND the destination. Accept life’s circumstances today. Cease worrying about tomorrow. Plan for tomorrow, but let the anxiety go.

Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Visit the sick. Your compassion is cherished.

Bring the talents you have been given and the talents you have acquired. I will bear mine and together we can transfer light into obscure places.

Lights on a pole on the Biloxi bridge
Keep shining!

Acho’nna’ chi! means “keep on,” in the Chickasaw language! (Speaker/response)

The physics of it: Visible light projections from two sources through an aperture | video