Love one another

I recall several songs from the 60’s.  Even though I was a young child, I understood the message in this melodic gem.  I would like to say the 60’s was about love, but that is an ideal remembrance of the period.  A lot of difficult things happened back in the day.  I do have some favorite memories of the 1960’s, and this tune is one of them.

As we drove along, I listened to the radio with my Mom and have distinct recollections of this unifying song:

Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People (Music Video)

I like to think about the solutions and not dwell in the problem(s).  How about you?!  It does begin with me.  And you too.  What can I do for my country?
What can I personally do to make this a better place?  How can I help the planet? I am an “everyday person” asking for wisdom from above.

Inspired by Luke Franks


  1. I do think in this day many people take the differences between us all as a much bigger problem than is necessary. It is such a simple understanding that we ARE all different – that is what makes us so unique – so what is the point of comparing or judging someone else while you yourself are remarkable for your differences from others? “I am no better and neither are you”. Too much energy is also wasted creating unnecessary discord between ourselves, while much bigger issues are present in the world! This song is very humbling and inspiring. We need to look past the shallow issues and realize we share this Earth together, and it is only together that we can make a difference in it for ourselves and the future to come.

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  2. Our first step I think is reflecting and applying the words … always trying/wanting to be something different … We need to accept ourselves for who we are regardless of our color or size .. etc…. And except each other…. We just need to be “everyday people” … And yes Love one another … That’s where it begins! (I remember that song as well)

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