I recall several songs from the 60’s.  Even though I was a young child, I understood the message in this melodic gem.  I would like to say the 60’s was about love, but that is an ideal remembrance of the period.  A lot of difficult things happened back in the day.  I do have some favorite memories of the 1960’s, and this tune is one of them.

As we drove along, I listened to the radio with my Mom and have distinct recollections of this unifying song:

Sly & The Family Stone – Everyday People (Music Video)

I like to think about the solutions and not dwell in the problem(s).  How about you?!  It does begin with me.  And you too.  What can I do for my country?
What can I personally do to make this a better place?  How can I help the planet? I am an “everyday person” asking for wisdom from above.

Inspired by Luke Franks