Cactus garden

For a while, I have been babying a struggling cactus garden that just needed encouragement!

my three cactus spikes

So, as I was doing some late night shopping at my local grocery store, I noticed some worthy companions!

kroger cacti.jpgOn clearance!  Holla!

After a little effort……..

cacti combo 1

It’s good to have friends over!

cacti combo 2

Looking simply mahvelous!



  1. My boyfriend and I have a few of these! He is alot better at keeping them alive than I am. Any tips for these particular plants? I saw you added a heat lamp in the winter. Did that help? also- We has herbs in our backyard and we just cant seem to get the sun dosage right. They are all in one big pot, im wondering if they arent good companions…


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