Thai chili wings

6 whole wings from Sam’s: A low sodium experience!

1 tbsp Tabasco chili sauce: 170 mg sodium
Land O’ Lakes melted butter: 180 mg sodium (about)
brown rice flour: 5 mg sodium

Cook time:  a little over an hour.

I battered the fresh wings with organic brown rice flour and put about 1-2 mm of high-heat olive oil in my casserole dish.  I began cooking on high oven heat and remained with my project, while talking to one of my sisters on the phone!

I maintained 375 F for about 45 minutes, turning my wangs over about every 15 minutes.  Then for the last 20 minutes, I put the oven on broil and watched them brown, turning once or twice after pulling the wings and drummies apart.

I heated 1/4 stick of butter in the microwave for about a minute and added a teaspoon of thai chili sauce….stirred well.  Removed my cooked wings, poured on the thai/butter concoction, and let them cool in a glass bowl under a plate for 10 minutes…accompanied with some mixed organic beans(tri-bean blend, 260 mg sodium)/low fat sour cream (25 mg)….

A whole yummy meal for about 635 mg sodium.



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