Ark Trail Service Projects

Google map to find Ark Trail

In March of 2018, major flooding impacted the area around Arkabutla lake, importing much detritus onto the property of Ark trail on Hwy 304, about 7 miles west of Hernando, MS.

Dr. Darrell Barnes, in coordination with Coldwater River Nature Conservancy, is organizing some cleanup and maintenance initiatives for the Ark site.

Students from Northwest Mississippi Community college and other local volunteer groups, including church groups, are planning to make some “beautification” through community service at the site, beginning in October of 2018.

Ark Trail Service project video link

19744_1204587030404_1411166_n Ark trail future front of property

Futuristic art concept #1 Ark Trail

19744_1204586990403_1893033_n Ark trail future dreams buildings

Futuristic art concept #2 Ark Trail

ark trail map 2015

Ark Trail map, 2015


Darrell Barnes, volunteer (Darrell Barnes)

Natalie Bright, CRNC Program Director (Natalie Bright)

Kate Friedman,  Education Director (Kate Friedman)


  1. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help our community. I enjoyed my first outing and plan on continuing with the clean-up project. You are making a difference!


  2. I regret not being able to participate with the clean up, but I honestly think this will help in the long run. The community coming to gather to make sure our world stay clean is a great idea. It is an idea I will always support. Please keep up the good work not only for us, but for the nature.


  3. Looking forward coming out with my family tomorrow. My little boy might not be a year old yet but it’s never too early to start instilling a love of nature and conservation into those who follow in our footsteps.


  4. I can’t wait to see the finished plan. I love this part of MS, so It’s great to see them doing the right thing!


  5. Your heart to improve the world around you is very inspiring for me to pay more attention and take care of the Earth. I am very excited to take on the Ark Trails on the 20th with our class!


  6. Growing up, me and my fam always went to Arkabutla during the summer. Thank you for what you’re doing!
    Also, growing up I always called it “Arkabutler” and I didn’t know until last year that it’s actually “Arkabutla”…that’s awkward.


  7. I think wildlife is pretty interesting and protecting it is a step towards helping the ecosystem and being green.


  8. I hope the ARK Trail gets cleaned really well, I love nature and to hike on trails with the sound of water nearby.


  9. Would people be able to see the Eagles in the Futuristic art concept #1 or would it be only for the workers?


  10. Ark Trail certainly looks beautiful. I regret not being able to help clean it due to prior family arrangements.


  11. I believe building an eagle habitation would be an amazing idea. Giving them a safe place to land is vital to their long term survival in our area. Unfortunately, I do not drive so I will be unable to attend clean up. However, I look forward to watching the blog from it!


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