Online forum: AP1 and AP2

Resource Utilized:  Pearson MyLab and Mastering

Please use this forum to post issues with the online component of Dr. Barnes’ course at NWCC-DeSoto.  We will attempt to troubleshoot problems together!


#1  You will suffer premature baldness if you attempt to do your initial login to MyLab and Mastering with a handheld.  ALWAYS do your first login through Canvas on a computer.  I may post an access code in your announcements to give you access….please check for that.  If you are asked for a teacher code in the process, you are on the wrong path.

#2  Pearson will be “dead in the water,” meaning that you can click in the application and nothing will happen if you don’t allow popups in the top right of the address bar (also location bar or URL bar).

#3  If you have a problem that we cannot resolve together, I will give you the email of the Pearson representative for our school.  Email that person and cc me ( in the email.  Please use your school email, state your name, a contact number, which class you are in and your teacher’s name (in this case, Darrell Barnes).

#4  At all times, get online early.  Contacting me a week ahead of the submission deadline with a problem is acceptable.  Much less lead than that will hardly give us enough time to resolve the problem, especially if we feel like we need to involve the Pearson representative.  I am expecting you to be highly responsible in this endeavor.

#5  Out of approximately 100 questions, there will be issues with about 2-3 of the questions in the exercise.  This is normal.  I just completed an entire Master’s degree online at Clemson U. and I saw this regularly.  Expect it.

Sometimes the references needed for the question posed within the e-text are so scattered and obscure that completing a question such as a “classification” perfectly, is nearly impossible.  Again, normal.

#6  Enjoy the journey.  I have rigged the experience so that you should have plenty of opportunity for deep learning with this Online component.  Allow enough time so that you will not be frustrated.  Typically, it takes about 1-3 minutes for each question if you need help within the component.  Some more time, some less.  So for a 50 question exercise, you could expect to spend somewhere between 50 minutes and 150 minutes.  That is my experience.

#7  If you pick up on a potential problem, please cite the Chapter and identify the question disputed within your blog response.  That way, others will be able to learn from the misery you are experiencing.



      1. Yes, it is a massive undertaking. I have watched several of your videos. Thank you for doing them and sharing. They are very helpful!


  1. Doing a quick little review before our test on the reproductive system and what not. I have been sharing the videos via facebook because I have tons of nursing school hopeful on my friends list. I love how you go into depth with every topic we cover in video format!


  2. I feel like the homework really helped me study for our second test, along with your list of things to focus on … thanks Dr. Barnes


  3. I have watched many of your videos on You tube. They are very helpful while preparing for class!! Look forward to watching more


  4. Pearson modules: I have learned that when you start a module and exit, you will receive a grade. When you go back in to complete the module, your “completed” grade may not reflect immediately. I am assuming that has to do with the gateway of sending/receiving data (network allocation)…. Be patient, give it time, your new grade will update…as for receiving a canvas notification !


  5. I have started watching the A&P and Chemistry reviews to better prepare for the upcoming test. I plan on watching them again a few more times before our 1st test.


  6. I listen to your videos daily and they are very helpful with my studying. The skull has a lot of parts I had no clue about. The foramen magnum and EOP are too that stick with me for some reason


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