Let’s walk, Mississippi!  (And enjoy the beautiful outdoors while exercising……)

Please email Natalie Bright at crnc@att.net for group tours!

(For your safety:  If you cannot arrive at the hike at the appointed time, simply sign-up for the next hike date and do not attempt to “find” us on the trail by yourself.)

(the video  below is a good preparation for any of the dates listed at the registration link above)

Promo video for the hike………

Please place one of these Ark trail promo posters at your place of business, church or school to help us promote the hikes!

Video:  My first Chickasaw words

DESCRIPTION (The 1.5 hour excursion includes a 15-minute “rest and learn” about half way through the hike.)

Join Dr. Barnes as he takes you through the ARK Nature Trails where you will learn to identify various plants and learn fun interesting facts of the area.  Old Man Barnes will likely incorporate Spanish and Chickasaw history and languages into the flava of his tour.

This will be a fun outdoor event so to ensure you are able to enjoy your morning; please be able to walk the 2 mile unpaved path, climb steps, and come prepared with proper foot wear, water/snack, bug spray,etc. All participants will be required to sign a waiver form upon arrival.

We know you will enjoy your morning and encourage you to bring friends and family along!

If you would like to see some of Dr. Darrell Barnes fun videos, visit his You Tube Channel – Darrell Barnes Science and Nature Channel.

Inclement weather policy:  If it is raining on the day of your excursion, simply sign up for the next date, and we will see each other then!