I need help working Physics (kinematics) math problems!

Physics Kinematics Playlist by Darrell Barnes and Sharman Hughes

jpg files to match with physics kinematics problems by Barnes and Hughes:


kinematics physics problem-speed #1

kinematics-speed problem 1 001



kinematics-acceleration problem #2

kinematics-acceleration problem 2 001

kinematics-final velocity problem 3a

kinematics-final velocity problem 3a 001.jpg

kinematics physics coach #1, isolating a final velocity variable

kinematics physics coach number 1 001


kinematics-problem 3b

kinematics-problem 3b 001
kinematics physics coach #2, displacement equation derivation

kinematics physics coach number 2 001

kinematics-displacement problem 3c

kinematics-problem 3c 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 4a

kinematics-problem 4a 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 4b

kinematics-problem 4b 001

kinematics-problem 4c

kinematics-problem 4c 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 4d

kinematics-problem 4d 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 5ab

kinematics-problem 5ab 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 5c

kinematics-problem 5c 001

kinematics-intermediate problem 5d

kinematics-problem 5d 001


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