Roasted garlic spring mix salad: low sodium

A wonderfully yummy roasted garlic salad (video)!  It is low sodium, about 540 mg:

Organic spring mix salad (50 mg sodium/about 4.5 cups)

roasted garlic in olive oil using Lodgeware skillet with lid …love this set!  I used the smaller 10.5″ skillet with the lid (400 F for 40 +/- 5 minutes) and Lodge 14.5″ Leather cooking-heat resistant gloves for cast iron cooking.

My vid:  How to roast garlic

Texas Toast cheese and garlic croutons (preservative free and low sodium…130 mg sodium/65 mg per 2 tbsp)

Marzetti Caesar dressing (270 mg per 2 tbsp)

Parmesan cheese (Kraft Classico at 90 mg per 2 tbsp)

Darrell Barnes


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