Every “rose” has its thorn

I was out walking the other morning and I noticed this beautiful thistle by the highway.  Beautiful purple blooms mounted on a hedge of prickers!

Video:  Purple thistle by the interstate

Isn’t that life!?  Bittersweet….a bit of this mixed with THAT.

Ever wonder how YOU personally fit into this world?  Sometimes I think I am like the “pricker” bush;  I have some really good attributes and some that could GO!  Every “rose” has its thorn, and conversely:  every “thorn” may be likely to have its “rose”….even though it might not take on the appearance one expects.

So let’s maximize the best we have been allotted……the “strengths” we have been given.  I really like this StrengthsFinder Personality survey.  It has taught me a lot about myself.  For instance, I have learned that I have powerful focus.  “Focus,” according to StrengthsFinder,  is the ability to start a project, execute it and finish it.

Check out this Strengthsfinder system and learn about yourself!  Awaken!  Arise!  Pricker bushes, unite!  (just kidding, not all of us are bushes with thorns….that’s what makes the world go ’round!)

Please remember to purchase a new copy to ensure that you receive the access code for the survey!

Strengthsfinder 2.0

CliftonStrengths for Students:  Your Strengths Journey Begins Here

Strengths Based Leadership:  Great Leaders, Teams and Why People Follow

How to use your Strengthsfinder 2.0 Access Code

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