Life goes on!

Just a few minutes ago, someone close to me texted:  “I feel like everyone around me is falling apart, Lord have mercy!’

My reply:  “Yes, we are falling apart…..and life continues to go on!”

My Mom died of cancer a few years back and the sun still shines.  Still.  Birds sing and flowers continue to bloom.  Relationships don’t go as planned.  Life goes on.

So, what is your “love language?”  Is it gift-giving?  Then give a gift!  Sometimes when I am laying in the gutter, eating worms this is the best remedy:  service.

Is it spending significant time with others?  Sometimes I just call up a friend or head out for a walk when a friend calls.  Walking with friends.

Laughing….is that it?  Is it physical touch?  This is a difficult one, with societal issues and hangups as they are.   Hug your grandmother…I think that will be safe….it will be good for you too!

Thanks for our time together……

:   ]


The 5 Love Languages:  The Secret to Love that Lasts

Videos:  Thinking about some life lessons with Old Man Barnes


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