Moving away from plastic bottles and cookware

Over the years, I have become more aware of the dangers of cooking with plastic.  As plastic is heated, chemicals can leak into the food and cause potential health hazards.  Even when I heat a ready-made meal, I empty the contents from the packaging and place it on a plain dinner plate before heating in the microwave.

I am now using an end-of-faucet filter for clearing my local water of chlorine and other possible contaminants, even though my local water is very “civilized.”  Right now, it seems that stainless steel and glass may be the best and safest containers for transporting my filtered water for daily use.

The link listed above for the stainless steel drink container can be purchased in 27 oz. and not in the massive 64 oz. container. There is also an option to purchase a stainless steel lid to match, instead of the loop-style cap (which I really like).




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October 18, 2017 Barnes Disclaimer



  1. Kind of hard to stray away from when it is all you see on the market the next best thing for cookware .. I work with stainless steel and the whole recycle process .. I have the Brita filter AND use bottled water now. Is it any better ?

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  2. I think that people who drink alkalized water, or go to doing whatever the hottest trend is, is because it’s a trend. I honestly think our generation is a bunch ignore followers who can’t make up their own minds on anything. If something is “cool” people think it’s the best or right way. They don’t do research or anything on their own. They just trust whoever they’re following. Social media probably has a hand in this but nonetheless it’s sad that this trend is something that can potentially harm people.

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    1. Ultimately it comes down to how much we are willing to sacrifice/get rid of. I understand that soup, tuna and the like are lined with plastic that is heated in the process of canning, which is good for bacterial control….some of the preservatives we use are a tradeoff for longer shelf-life. Astute observation.


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