1. I can already tell these videos are going to be a grade saver. Thank you for taking the extra time to ensure we are really understanding what you’re putting out, instead of just memorizing it for a week. It’s the things like these that stand out and really make a difference.
    Thank you,


  2. I have went back through and created a playlist with some of the info from chapters
    1-7;12-16 to help me review a bit this week before the big test one Thursday. I listen to the YouTube videos as I drive to and from work and school to help make it stick. Thanks for the videos!

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  3. Your videos are extremely helpful, and I appreciate you taking the time to make them for us. I have learned so much because of them, so thank you!

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  4. Hi Darrel!

    Loving your videos!

    I truly believe that physiology, and especially anatomy should be taught with a lot of visual reference tools, as it has been long proven that visual memory is often the strongest. As I like to say – it is often easier to see something once than hear it a million times, and your videos have been some of those that I reviewed as I studied for my finals in medical school, and they truly did help.

    Having said this, have you considered using 3D models in your videos to aid the anatomy learning visually? An example of what I mean can be shown here: https://www.anatomynext.com/common-carotid-artery , where the arterial blood vessels of the head and neck are portrayed. Would be happy to hear your feedback!

    Best of luck,

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  5. Thank you for posting all of these videos that correspond with what we are learning in your class. They have been a life saver this semester when studying for tests and really are helpful!

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  6. The videos on youtube are much more helpful than only studying highlighted words and phrases. While spending time in your book is helpful, personally, it is much more helpful to me to watch the videos over and over again. I also believe you describe and demonstrate the topics in the video in a way that i can understand easily. Thank you Dr. Barnes for making these videos because without them I would be toast!

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  7. The videos are super helpful when I’m studying! I like that I can access the videos whenever I need to go back and review some things that I am confused about. The videos explain everything in detail that makes it easy for me to understand. Thank you for taking time to make these videos!

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  8. Your videos for each lesson help me immensely. I put my headphones in at work and just listen listen listen over and over. I always learn something new. I love it! Thank you for taking the time to make these videos for us!


  9. I always learn something new in your videos. I like the concepts of videos too because I can pause and replay something if I do not understand. Thanks for taking the time to make them!!

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  10. These videos are great! They have already helped me tremendously! I plan to continue to watch the videos so that they will continue to inform me on the different topics we discuss. Thank you!

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  11. Awesome videos! They are very helpful and very informative, I’m glad to know that I will have those videos to watch throughout the semester. Great resource! Can’t wait to learn more!

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  12. Another great video! Lots of information about our bones learned that the fimer is the longest bone in our body! Also learned that the mandible is the only free movable bone in the skull! I learned also which I learned this in class today we have 7 true ribs 8 through 12 are floater the do not go fully around the rib cage!

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