The misunderstood sequence of life

Life is sometimes only comprehended in retrospect. Life in the rear-view mirror.

I had arrived early to audience one of my sons in his Doctoral defense at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi: a momentous and notable day. Once I had located the venue, I blazed a path to the Student Union to take care of personal matters.

As I exited the student union building, I noticed a rocky stream and paused to see if life existed there. None. I looked up and saw an old thicket of cedar trees. SOMETHING was remarkable here. One had a string around the base. All were about the same age and I decided I needed a video. So I did it. I made the video and posted it as a “short” on my Science channel.

Please click the picture for the video

As I proceeded to the lecture venue, I tried a different route to an indoor garden to get a different video of the little Garden in the rehabilitation center.

I exclaimed with surprise as I saw the telling cedar bark of a thicket of cedar trees in THIS garden. As I looked closer, I realized that it was a representation of a thicket of cedar trees, a fake one indeed. Only the wood was real; the branches were fake.

Please click the picture for the video


Retrospection: The second thicket of cedar trees took on more significance after I had viewed the first. The first experience lent me the ability to judge between real and fake.

Serendipity: It seemed as I was supposed to move through the sequence of admiring cedar trees though I did not understand at the time.


As I made the serendipitous discovery of the second thicket, my sister and my son, who were sitting nearby called out to me and awoke me from my “moment.” More rich family experiences followed.

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