Forum: Online portion of Principles of Bio 1 and 2 lab

Resources Utilized:  McGraw-Hill Connect in 2023

Please use this forum to post issues with the online component of Dr. Barnes’ course at NWCC-DeSoto.  We will attempt to troubleshoot problems together!


#1  You will suffer premature baldness if you attempt to do your initial online login with a handheld.  ALWAYS do your first login through Canvas on a computer.  Always use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

#2  Your Online component may be “dead in the water,” meaning that you can click in the application and nothing will happen if you don’t allow popups in the top right of the address bar (also location bar or URL bar). Rare with McGraw-Hill stuff.

#3  At all times, get online early.  Contacting me a week ahead of the submission deadline with a problem is acceptable.    I am expecting you to be highly responsible in this endeavor.

#4  Problems with McGraw-Hill products are rare but normal. No learning platform is perfect; that is why I usually give at least one drop grade for online assignments on a learning platform like McGraw-Hill.

#5  If you pick up on a potential problem, please cite the Name of the lab exercise and identify the question/process disputed within your blog response.  That way, others will be able to learn from the misery you are experiencing.


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