Final boss on Kuat Drive Yards impossible?

I have played Kuat Drive Yards Veteran mode flashpoint two nites in a row and cannot beat the last opponent.  This is the end boss that throws grenades on you and one has to run to a station to remove them.

I have also been experiencing critical explosions in the regeneration station which send me (and sometimes every one in the group) to medcenter.

Since the software update a couple of days ago it seems the veteran flashpoints are either bugged or they have increased in difficulty, somewhere between veteran and master mode for a veteran mode flashpoint.

Last night’s Kuat Drive Yards began with players split between instance 3 and instance 4.  The two of us in instance 4 exited, returned and successfully united out team in instance 3 but had to start over with the mobs in the quest.

For a 4 person flashpoint, I think we had rotated about 10 players in and then out before I exited after 7 or 8 attempts on the final boss.

Last night, I decided to give it three attempts and then exit to spare myself (and others) the grief of continued loss in the end boss fight.  I played sage telekinetics damage both nights.

It appears that the only way to be competitive with the Lt. Krupp boss is to deal with the adds immediately.  If the adds are not dispatched summarily, new adds will come in after the grenade purge and then it becomes about impossible to make the deal successful.

Neither night did we have a tank. Sages are very fashionable right now and most cannot take much damage before needing heals themselves.  Sages are not the best in a mob or if focused for attack.  Sages shine when a tank is present.: the tank pulls the main attention of the attackers and sages can stand at a distance and do massive damage.  This is how sages can score so well in PvP combat.

My opinion:  The veteran mode Kuat Yards finish right now on 7/30/2020 might work with 3 level 75 players and maybe one lower level player.

Addendum:  Taral V is a great FP for a group with all sages (3) and a heals comp.  Just did it with minimal misery.




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