Getting started with Canvas | Orientation


“Let’s talk about us.”

“Let’s talk about us.”  video

Your teacher/host: Darrell Barnes (discussing YouTube resources)

What is Canvas?

How to set notifications in Canvas:

How do I check due dates in Canvas?

How do I message my teacher in Canvas?

Activating MyLab and Mastering via Redshelf: (for doing online text-related homework)

Forward Outlook emails to other email

Honorlock information (most mid-terms and finals):

Taking a test with Honorlock:

Respondus LockDown Browser + webcam information (for I-Pads only)

Easy deploy of Respondus Lockdown browser video

Respondus Lockdown Browser + webcam: How it works video

Respondus LockDown Browser + webcam information: (how to deploy on your computer)

Video: Saving pictures as .pdf file for class submission

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