General Biology course downloads

Stay tuned……Corona accommodations

These downloads are highlights that will focus you for testing purposes.  If I indicate a paragraph or a section title, it is important to read all surrounding text and look at the associated pictures for context.  The suggestion is to read the whole chapter and get the whole story.  I personally accomplish this by doing a fast scan/speed read.  After that, listening to or watching a video is good.  On YouTube, type in my name, Darrell D. Barnes and *topic of interest* (asterisks not required).  See what I have recorded on the topic first (since I write your tests, except the lecture final), then explore other sources.  Don’t forget to collaborate with others if that is your style.  I have benefited from several students who have helped me practice with more clarity in my teaching.  Good studying!

Like you, I am an achiever.  I like learning more.  I also appreciate it when my teacher helps me to focus on concepts that will affect my grade.  Additionally, I am interested in a deep understanding of the topic at hand.  I seem to be like an onion.  I learn stepwise and in layers, so repetition is important.

Study > Learn > Master

Your fellow in pursuit of knowledge,

Brother Barnes

A+ 100!


General Biology I lecture


General Biology I lab


General Biology II lecture

CH 32 notes  GB2 lecture notes CH 32 Mason

CH 33 notes  GB2 lecture notes CH 33 Mason

CH 34 notes GB2 lecture notes CH 34 Mason

CH 35 notes GB2 lecture notes CH 35 Mason



CH 36 GB2 lecture Chapter 36 highlights Mason author

CH 37 GB2 lecture Chapter 37 highlights Mason author

CH 38 GB2 lecture Chapter 38 highlights Mason author

CH 39 GB2 lecture Chapter 39 highlights Mason author

CH 40 GB2 lecture Chapter 40 highlights Mason author


General Biology II lab

CH 12 notes GB2 Lab Chapter 12 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 13 notes GB2 Lab Chapter 13 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 14 notes  GB2 Lab Chapter 14 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 15 notes  GB2 Lab Chapter 15 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 16 notes GB2 Lab Chapter 16 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 17 notes  GB2 Lab Chapter 17 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 18 notes GB2 Lab Chapter 18 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 19 notes  GB2 Lab Chapter 19 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 20 notes  GB2 Lab Chapter 20 highlights McGraw Hill



CH 5  GB2 Lab Chapter 5 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 6  GB2 Lab Chapter 6 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 7  GB2 Lab Chapter 7 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 8  GB2 Lab Chapter 8 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 21 GB2 Lab Chapter 21 highlights McGraw Hill

CH 22 GB2 Lab Chapter 22 highlights McGraw Hill



Also check for video resources at Darrell D. Barnes Science and Nature Channel on YouTube

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