Tree identification module | YouTube

Tree identification tutorial 1-10

Click on the following link to access the Tree identification quiz on YouTube:

Tree identification quiz playlist on YouTube

You may have course quizzes assigned to you based on this information.


Brother Barnes

Darrell Barnes teaching 2-16-2018
A+ 100!


  1. red oak red .. very hard wood to cut
    . hickory great white oak .. pin oak.. catalpa chesnut rock maple.. hard wood..
    swamp maple box elder cotton wood.. ash trees great trees all dead but roots sprout new most places since bug gone.. lesco roch ny 585354
    5787 text rochester fairport ny
    many did trees..


  2. The tree identification was really neat! It reminds me of when I was younger, my mom would take me and my siblings to different parks to collect leaves and take them home to study them. I enjoyed the video on this topic!

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