“Mississippi Megalodon” book inspires fossil hunting!

Cute story. This book inspires dreams! I am doing a blog about fossil shark tooth hunting in Mississippi and thought this book looked like an interesting read. If you are curious, look up how to hunt fossil shark teeth at Frankstown, Mississippi on YouTube then go collecting and have a blast! Most of the fossil shark teeth found at Frankstown are goblin shark teeth. The picture below is of some of the fossil shark teeth I have collected at the W.M. Browning Cretaceous fossil park in Frankstown/Baldwyn, Mississippi.

Fossil Shark teeth in showbox Frankstown MS Megalodon

Make your excursion in the summer when the water is warm.

Let’s get back to the book. The book is directed at middle schoolers. At that time in my life and even now as an old man, dinosaurs intrigue me. I don’t like the ending of the book. Good story though.

It is true that the megalodon shark lived in the warm Eocene ocean of central and south Mississippi. My dad, Dr. Grover D. Barnes told me about a guy who was walking stream beds near Byram, MS and found a 4-inch megalodon tooth. Now that is a real Mississippi Megalodon story!

This “American Chillers” book inspires authentic family adventure in Beautiful Mississippi!

Thank you Johnathan Rand!

Dr. Darrell D. Barnes

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