The evolution of: “Holla out loud.”

Video words of encouragement for students beginning in March of 2017…….the likely verbal beginning was in the early 2000’s when I was a high-school teacher.

Holla out loud, Take 1 | backyard version

Holla out loud, Take 2 | selfie safety version

Holla out loud, Take 3 | tee shirt version

Holla out loud, Take 4 | remix singalong

Lyrics and music by brotherbarnes (copyright 3/2017):

Holla out loud,

answer the roll.

Say it like you mean it.


Not just present, (falsetto preferred)

but President! (falsetto preferred)

(Repeat in different voices as needed)

Explanatory interlude:

I just want you to be bossy with your education!

Be the disciple!


A is for Axellent!

B is for Better,

and C is for Super!

Keep coming back!

What Grandma would say in the 1970’s….

A+ "100" grandma barnes with mr. elbones


A+ 100 from Grandma Barnes printable download

A+ 100 video encouragement from Grandma Barnes

go granny go video link


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