And who am I?

Recently, a student of mine asked me if I knew my Myers-Briggs personality type.

Me:  “It’s been awhile.”

Her:  “Check out this test at 16 personalities and tell me what you get!”

Me:  “Alrighty!”

Her:  “Be honest!”

Me:  “Will do!”

(I found two previous tests I had taken after the fact and the last one I took in 2013 was the same as the result of this test, my percentages were stronger tho).



So what did you learn about yourself?

How can this help you on your path?

How does this information help you in your interaction with others?


Reflection:  12-2-2019

I have heard the quote:  “To thine own self be true.”  How can this become reality if one doesn’t know oneself?   I believe this Myers-Briggs personality test is a stepping stone in the right direction.

Brother Barnes