NWCC students at DeSoto County’s Annual Household Hazardous Waste Day

On October 5, 2019, over 100 Northwest Mississippi Community College students performed a valuable community service:  they helped DeSoto County Residents dispose of accumulated household items at the Lander’s Civic Center Complex in Southaven, MS.

tire loader
DeSoto County’s Annual Household Hazardous Waste Day 10-5-2019: recycling tires.

NWCC Biology Instructor, Dr. Lindsay Massie, organized students for the event hosted by Mr. Ray Laughter, DeSoto County Director of Environmental Services/Parks and Greenways.

Dr. Massie directing
Dr. Lindsay Massie helping DeSoto County residents.
unload area
Unload area: Kammylynn Woxen (blue gloved hand on car trunk lid), Allen Ward (glasses), Brian Wages (side view beard), Jessica Ovall (maroon jacket, blue hat), Coy Roberts (standing by big box), James Barrett (above left set of orange boxes) and Jose Guerrero (head is visible above the back middle orange box).
Megan Gallimore and Maggie Neal
Megan Gallimore, Jordan Banks and Maggie Neal getting ready to unload vehicles.
Michael Boone directing traffiM
Michael Boone directs traffic.
Amanda Champion directing traffic
Amanda tells what comes next.
Mr. Bakker Morgan Morris and Ashley Clum
Bob Bakken, Journalist (DeSoto County Times/ Tribune), Morgan Morris, Ashlee Clum (delivering water to workers).
adam daprato in bin
Working the dumpsters…one of the most sweltering jobs. Dane Darby, Drake Darby (back container), Adam DaPrato (front).
traffic directors
Good times as the cars roll in! Mellonice Houston is working the car line in the back of this picture *somewhere*. Tamara Rice is standing immediately to the right of the cone.


Mr. Laughter directing the operation
Enjoying the moment: Ray Laughter and Vanessa Lynchard with NWCC students.

Initial Group picture:  Carley Laney


Melissa Herring, Rolecia Johnson (unload area)

Tonian Currie (intake area)

Paige Lyons (inventory list, main road)




  1. So glad I was able to be a part of this. It was cool to see the community work together and to get to do it alongside classmates.


  2. After the event, I was told by several people that this year was by far more efficient than the past several years. Way to go everyone!!!


  3. This was a great experience. I didn’t realize Desoto County had an event like this but it really helps to eliminate a lot of unnecessary dumping.


  4. I know a few of the people in the pictures! I’m glad to see people I know helping out the community and environment. I wasn’t able to make it because of a band competition, but we got first place at our competition! So that made the weekend great anyway!


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