1. I was browsing through these blogs and came across your post. I find medical articles such as yours very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences.


  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Breanna. I have been friends with your family for over 20 years. I remember you when you were a little bitty girl. You are a very strong and smart young woman!

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  3. My husband has sporadic seizures also, though his episodes are a little different. He describes a halo affect on his vision before the onset which fortunately gives him enough time to lie down or in one instance, pull over and turn the car off. That tends to be the last thing he remembers before regaining consciousness after the seizure even if a few minutes pass before it actually starts. I’ve had entire conversations with him before a seizure that he can’t remember or has difficulty remembering later.

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    1. The memory part is probably one of the harder things to adjust to. Not knowing where you are or what happened is terrifying. I haven’t driven in a couple of years but it’s awesome that he is able to have enough of a warning that he can. I just hit my 6 month mark so I am hoping to drive again soon, but I’m definitely being cautious.


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