While I was out walking, I heard a mourning doveBirds chirping wildly in the tree above. Several domestic and stray cats.  I saw a cat gazing longingly at a bird  nest….. a mockingbird vigorously chasing a cat.

A dog barking ferociously behind the picketed fence.  The guttural bark indicated it was desperately wishing it could prove loyalty to its owner!  (I am glad it can’t.)

Water in the conduit.  With algae growing in it.

Sirens reverberating…….

I see a fence, separating the road from the interstate.  A plant seed-head, lazily waving back and forth.  Cars whizzing past.  Some quietly, some noisily.  I hear radio stations booming from metal ponies with helmeted drivers.

Beautiful pines.  Sunlight filtering through the needles.

Detritus on the pavement.  Crape myrtle flower petals trapped in weeds.  Fossils in the gravel.

While I was walking…..

White and yellow seem to be the default wild-type flower color of the waving grass in the empty field.




The contrail of a jet carrying passengers several miles up.

Ant bed mounds.

Snakes in the ditch.

Turtles in the culvert.

Riparian habitats.  Winding streams.  Sometimes wild, torrential Mississippi rains.  Willows growing close to the waters edge.

Companions in the stroll.

We live in a beautiful place, don’t we?  Mississippi.  Beautiful Mississippi!

Welcome, travelers!  Explore Mississippi!

Grenada lake pine trees
Grenada lake overlook


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