Mississippi water moccasin

Several summers ago, an excursion to Wall Doxey Park, in North Mississippi, revealed an obvious snake basking in the sun by the pier.

Water moccasin by the pier at Wall Doxey
The water moccasin is easy to spot to the right of the pier. Thank goodness!

My fear, as many also have, is that I will step exactly upon a snake unwittingly and become inflicted with a poisonous bite!  This snake was easy to find and appeared to be basking asleep by the pier, when we first walked up as seen in the video.

Initial water moccasin encounter
I think this cottonmouth was actually asleep, basking in the sun as we initially approached.

The cottonmouth or water moccasin is a poisonous viper found in Mississippi and other parts of the Southeastern United States.

We approached the snake with a snake hook, but did not touch or aggravate the snake.

Water moccasin with hook
Although we approached the venomous serpent with a snake hook, we did not touch the snake.

As seen in the video of the water moccasin encounter, we did not overly agitate the viper, and it peacefully crawled away with an easy escape route.

Water moccasin moving away with description
We made sure to give this critter plenty of space and an easy route of retreat.


Watersnake Adventures video playlist link (Family-friendly videos)




  1. I’m glad you made it out of this safely! It can all go south so quickly if you’re not aware of your surroundings.


  2. My family and friends walked on that very pier several times over this week. Glad we spotted many fish but no snakes


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