In-game habitat and gaming fatigue

WE create the in-game habitat and each of us fills a niche within the game.  This is gaming ecology.  A role-playing-game called Star Wars, the Old Republic is my fave.  In the game, there are tanks, damage-dealers and healers.  Limitless variations abound within these disciplines due the ability to play light and dark side characters and the choice of skill paths/abilities.

As a scientist, I have heard some applaud for gaming as “team building.”  Quests are more successful with cooperation between players.  The game is built to be winnable, and thus the players have the attitude that continued persistence will achieve the goal.  These attitudes of attainability with hard work are crucial in the game and also nourishing in the game of life.  Group building, cooperation and the “anything is possible” attitude can build strength and community.  I listened to an encouraging talk the other day in which a researcher was studying gaming as a benefit for improving brain function in the elderly.

The obverse side of this valuable coin may be the need of prioritizing time spent gaming with other aspects of life.  I am also convinced that when attitudes in a “game” get nasty, then it is time for someone to take a break.  That someone might be me.  How about you?

What kind of chatter goes on in a game, in addition to the gaming content?  Is this chatter constructive and “building up?”  Is the chatter “adult” when the game is rated “teen?”

Video:  Gaming fatigue and general chat

Ultimately, what are the valuable questions and observations?

Is the time spent playing worthy of my time?  (Even if it is simply for the sake of relaxing or achievement?)

If I am learning achievement, how can I export this desire for achievement into lawful money-making skills?

Do I positive self-talk and use the same with others in the context of the game?  Can I use this experience to improve my interpersonal communication with others in the “real world?”

I think the same considerations might apply to those who spend time in social media as well as in the gaming community.

Into the fray….

When I first began playing Star Wars the Old Republic, I rolled out a Jedi Sage healer.  I could barely stay alive in boss fights.  I tried other classes and found out that the Commando healer was the easiest class in which I could stay alive while enjoying the game as a healer.

A while back I was in a pvp (player versus player) contest and the Jedi Sage was ruling the day!  Nice stats!  I wondered, what changed?!  I then began with Jedi Sage balance, but was informed that the telekinetics path was the discipline mastered by the cool kids.

So here I am, giving it a whirl!

Vlog playlist for Jedi Sage Telekinetics at Barnes Reflections on YouTube

Let’s play!

darrellbarnesutoob level 18
Tracking the leveling progression of a Jedi Sage Telekinetics in SWTOR: darrellbarnesutoob

Warcarrier top medals 5-4-2019 darrellbarnesutoob
from a beginner build…


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  1. I really enjoyed the discussion and video about this in class. I probably wouldn’t have connected some of these observations myself, I definitely view it a bit differently!


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