DeSoto County Cleanup Day

Northwest Community College students and instructors picked up trash on the Ark Trail site on Saturday, April 6, 2019.  The lovely Ark trail is located approximately 7 miles west of the Hernando, MS square on Hwy 304. The day was designated as an official day of environmental service for the beautification of DeSoto County.

Ark Trail cleanup video highlights

Ark Trail cleanup participants 4-6-2019:

Darrell Barnes

Jason Holcomb

Hailey Livingston

Lindsay Massie

Zach Rainbolt

Samantha Shoffner

Michael Taylor

Heath Webb



  1. Its was gratifying to be able to participate. Hopefully there will be a day when everyone disposes of their garbage where it goes. This is our home and we should take care of it for our future generations. But meanwhile, I’d love to keep helping!

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    1. I agree, and it’s really kind of disappointing when you consider just how EASY it is to dispose of trash PROPERLY, a little bit at a time, versus the time and effort it takes to go back and comb through trash that has stacked up or washed around from being lazily tossed on the ground in the first place!


  2. Sorry I didn’t attend but I’m very proud of you guys and that was awesome of you all to take the time to help clean up the environment!


  3. I wish I could’ve made it but I was attending another area of DC with a group from NWCC. I’m glad to see you all did such a great thing!


  4. Sorry i didn’t attend, but i greatly appreciate people who take care of the land we live on, if we don’t take care of where we live then who would 🙂


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