Divorce rate calculation

While studying for my Algebra mid-term, I came across some sobering formulas:

d = 4n + 5  percent of divorced at a given year of marriage for women who married                                             before age 18 (<18 yoa)

d = 2.3n + 1.5  percent of divorced at a given year of marriage for women married                                             after age 25  (>25 yoa)

Let’s calculate for the likelihood of divorce at 10 years for each equation:

we will let n = 10 years of marriage

d = 2.3n + 1.5  (% likelihood of divorce, >25)

d = 2.3 (10)+ 1.5

2.3 x 10 = 23 + 1.5 = 24.5% likelihood of divorce at 10 years if female marries at >25 yoa

d = 4n + 5  (% likelihood of divorce, <18)

d = 4 (10)  + 5

4 x 10 = 40 + 5 = 45% likelihood of divorce at 10 years if female marries at <18 yoa

Yikes!  And I have heard that subsequent marriages double these statistics!

People in high-stress careers can also have a difficult time maintaining the marriage relationship.


Blitzer, Robert. College Algebra Essentials.  United States of America:  Pearson, 2018), 100-101).


  1. Too many couples will readily call it quits instead of working hard to make it work. They enter a marriage thinking that if it doesn’t work….divorce. Almost automatically setting up for failure from the get-go. Also, examining the reasons for marriage is crucial… (i.e. pregnancy, loneliness, money….) It is possible these reasons, and many others, add dramatically to the increased rates of divorce. I am not an expert by any means but I believe that just because a person had a failed marriage, they shouldn’t be afraid to open their heart to try again regardless of statistical data. There may be apprehension/fear, but I believe love is worth fighting for.


  2. I believe this is one of the more depressing blogs you’ve done so far, but it’s fine. It’s interesting, yet sad, that divorce has become this common. I can see why high strain jobs can lead to divorce, but I also believe that it will never be the soul cause of a divorce


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