Intrigue!  Excitement!  On the edge of my seat!

I spent 2 years of my life discovering and exploring life science courses in an Online Masters of Biology at Clemson University (2016-2018).

My last degree was my Doctor of Chiropractic at Palmer College, in 1994 via Ole Miss and Hinds Junior College in the 1980’s.  The Clemson biology degree was a nice update.  “Back in the day,” when I learned how to type it was on an electric typewriter in the 1970’s!  Over the years, I learned Word, PowerPoint and the like on my own!  (With the help of friends.)

The first class in the Clemson online Biology degree was a research class which utilized statistical calculations within an Excel spreadsheet.  I had not taken statistics or learned Excel prior to the experience!!  Yikes!?! I was pleasantly surprised with the “hand-holding” of my Clemson professor (through online live tutorial sessions) to guide me and other students through an informative beginning to the program.  This taught me how to be a better college teacher and certainly revealed my likes and dislikes relating to online education.  The program highlighted some of my own educational weaknesses, which will give me plenty to work on for a while.   :   ]

The core of the online Biology Master’s at Clemson included 30 graduate semester hours of graduate-level intensive coursework.  Studying genetics in the program was one of my most sobering classes.   As I began to investigate gene editing (CRISPR), I could feel my eyes “opening” to the potential of genetics to improve quality of life.  Studies about genetically modified organisms (GMO‘s) were part of the offering.

I was blessed to move through the program with a co-worker.  It was comforting to complete the program simultaneously with another sharing the experience.

Thank you, Online Clemson Biology administrators and professors!  Well done!

Go Tigers!


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