Funny dog stories by Darwin

Darwin’s dry sense of humor is captivating.  Consider the following entry (Darwin 1897, 191)  :  “We see him (the dog) on bare pavements scratching backwards as if to throw earth over his excrement, although, as I believe, this is never effected even when there is earth.”

Heh!  The picture of it!

Check out this passage as Darwin quotes Isidore Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (Darwin 1897, 25):

Jackals, when tamed and called by their master, wag their tails, lick his hands, crouch and throw themselves on their backs;  they smell at the tails of other dogs, and void their urine sideways;  they roll on carrion or on animals which they have killed;  and lastly, when in high spirits, they run round in circles or in a figure eight, with their tails between their legs.”


Darwin, Charles.  The variation of animals and plants under domestication, Volume I.  New York:  D. Appleton and Company, 1897.


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  1. I definitely took something away from this, and that would be I am thankful Darwin didn’t quit his day job. (mainly for the books, but also…well stand up didn’t seem to be his thing.


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