Bat habitat at Ark Trails

In one of the wildflower meadows at Ark Trails, near Hernando, MS, there is located a bat box.  On Christmas day, 2018, I spotted one of the successful mammals patrolling another nearby meadow for insects.

Video link:  Bat house at Ark Trails

Let’s go hiking at Ark Trails!


  1. Mississippi has 15 native bat species throughout the state! wonder which kind this one was! When i lived in Bartlett as a kid I saw so so many around dusk as the sun started to go down. I don’t happen to see as many here for some reason or another.

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  2. A close friend of mine has her masters in biology. She studied bats for her thesis. She now works at ASU and continues her bat research. If you would like to meet her, I can arrange that. Such a smart young lady.


  3. That’s really cool! When I went to Gatlinburg I got a chance to see bats in the caverns and they are cool little creatures. I think there’s be a bat home close to where I live because we see them in the same area some nights. It’s nice to know there are places that care for them and provide them these boxes.


  4. Hey Dr. Barnes,
    Have you noticed an influx of more bats since this box was put out? Were there very many bats out there to begin with?


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