As I have been considering the history the Ark Trail of North Mississippi, it came to my attention that the Chickasaw people lived in this area for hundreds if not thousands of years!  I began exploring and learning about the Chickasaw and learned that they, along with several other tribes, were relocated to the Oklahoma territory in the 1830’s.

They had interesting encounters with one of the European explorers of this region back in the 1500’s.  Apparently, the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto came into conflict with the Chickasaw people during the last part of his journeys.  Interesting fact:  Renegade pigs from his exploration team apparently became the feral razorback hogs of Arkansas!  As I researched, I found a park in Memphis, TN, along the Mississippi River named the “Chickasaw Heritage Park.”  I wanted to know more about the Chickasaw.

I decided to check out Chickasaw Heritage Park in Memphis, TN and made this video!

Video:  Chickasaw Heritage Park

I have also been intrigued by the Chickasaw language and have made a short video of the first Chickasaw words I have attempted to learn:  Greetings!

Video:  My first Chickasaw words

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