Coldwater River Nature Conservancy

ARK Trails:   Here is a short little background on how far we have come.

Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation (MWR), Inc., was formed in 1995 to meet the needs for wildlife assistance in North MS.  We have been able to establish a sound reputation throughout MS and the Memphis area promoting conservation education and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned wildlife in over 13 counties.

Partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers has resulted in  a 50 year lease agreement at the property on Hwy 304, west of Hernando, MS, known as the ARK.  Our vision is to build a nature center on this 154 acres that will act as a hub for all conservation education.  This would require MWR to expand beyond wildlife rehabilitation.

So fast forward to 2017, with the development of the CRNC, the Coldwater River Nature Conservancy.   The newly developed Conservancy will cover Wildlife Rehabilitation, Trails, Conservation Education and Land Conservation.  This program will help us to continue to educate the public and help improve the quality of life in Marshall, Tate, Tunica and Desoto Counties.

CRNC Purpose:  CRNC is dedicated to the shared vision of enjoying and protecting the natural ecosystems of the Coldwater River watershed by providing access to trails, caring for injured and orphaned wildlife, and fostering an appreciation for our shared environment through land conservation and education.

Natalie Bright
Program Director
Coldwater River Nature Conservancy
Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc.
3905 Arkabutla Dam Rd.
Coldwater, MS 38618
662-612-6455 -office


  1. Mississippi has an abundant diversity of wildlife species, so I am very happy there is an organization that focuses on rehabilitating these species. They are an essential part of our life, and we must do everything we can to protect them and their environment.

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  2. Wow. I’ve stayed in Coldwater for over 13 years. I did not know that this place existed, although it is fairly new. I will have to contact them so maybe I can offer a helping hand or go on a possible tour.


  3. I am so thrilled that you have an interest in this. This place along with the surrounding area is very dear to me. I want to educate people, show them what a great state we have, and most importantly help instill a sense of pride and ownership of what is all around us. Everything out there is so wonderfully made with purpose and uniquely made. I sure hope you’ll want to stick around and add to what CRNC will have to offer. I can just see you with your students out at The ARK 🙂

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