Arkabutla Lake: Nature Destination

Arkabutla Lake, in North Mississippi, is a little-known jewel-of-a-nature destination.  Located just 30-45 minutes South of Memphis, TN, Arkabutla lake is often overlooked as a quick get-away and relaxing break!  Afterward, head into Hernando, MS for lovely dining!

YouTube Video Playlist:  Arkabutla Lake, Nature Destination


  1. I have only been to Arkabutla lake a few times. My husband really enjoys fishing there. I love to sit back a listen to the sound of the water. I’ve been there during really hot summer days and the water level was so low, it was weird. It really is a nice lake and a good place to relax and enjoy nature.

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  2. I live in Hernando and I love going to Arkabutla lake and driving around and watching the sun set! It is so pretty!


  3. I’ve never been to Arkabutla, but I think its definitely somewhere I should try to go! Sounds like it would be fun and relaxing with all of the hiking trials and the lake!

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  4. I grew up in Arkansas and am not familiar with much of Mississippi’s nature offerings, but my parents just moved within fifteen miles of Arkabutla. I’m looking forward to exploring with my daughter and nieces and nephews this summer.

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  5. Nature is definitley a brain reliever. I believe the world should spend more time outside with family and friends. Creating less time for them to argue political matters on social media. This is including myself!!

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  6. My husband and I love to drive the kids out to Arkabutla. We love to be near the water and the kids will play on the playground. Last time we went people were flying model airplanes. We sat and watched they for a long time.


  7. I love walking the trails of Arkabutla! My aunt has a house on the lake, and exploring around the lake was a huge part of my childhood. It’s so fun!

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  8. My family and I have gone to Arkabutla for years since i was a kid, and we would hike the trails, bring our dogs, fish and hang out as a family. Never gets old to me!

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