Generational effects of cannabis use before mating

Exposure of male and female adolescent rats to cannabis before mating leads to behavioural and molecular abnormalities in their children.  Also affected:  neurotransmitter genes.

See link below.

Epigenetic Effects of Cannabis Exposure

Possible human effects:  schizophrenia, depression, addiction, anxiety and more….

Making studies difficult is the fact that cannabis contains over 60 cannabinoids, which can influence dosage administration and effect of the drug.


  1. It’s interesting to read, however just because it happens to rats does not mean it can happen to humans. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Please read the article thoroughly before commenting.
    I was shocked myself when I saw the heading above.
    However, the article blantantly says there is no proof on the affects on humans or their children over and over again. That’s why it says words such as “possible effects”. The one time it comes close to stating there may be some human related proof, the cannabis was mixed with cigarettes and alcohol use.
    It was hard for me to stay neutral and then I remembered, it’s all for the good of science! It is a very interesting read.


  3. I have been saying this for years, your choices don’t just affect you sometimes it’s the people around you that often times have the most to deal with. Remember, just as you are a product of your environment so are the people that you are responsible for.


  4. This was so crazy to learn about. Especially with it, involving something that is becoming more and more common. It was a great read, thank you!!

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  5. This is interesting! I’ve read that mice share 97% of DNA with humans, so I’m inclined to believe it, but it’s important to keep in mind that during rodent testing, overall results don’t apply to humans over 80% of the time (Steve Perrin, Nature, 26 Mar 2014).

    Still, though, wouldn’t wanna risk it. Thanks for the Article!

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  6. We have seen the effect on a first hand level in our 39 year old son. And in his youngest daughter who is now 14 yrs old. Such a shame. Surely God made EVERYTHING ON THIS EARTH BUT HE GAVE US BRAINS to know what is good for our bodies and minds for a reason. Proud of you son this is very good research on this subject.

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  7. This is wild! I prefer to steer clear of something if the benefits aren’t easily spotted. People need to educate their self on all sides of an issue before deciding a stance.

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  8. Wow! Good to know- living in the State of California. Just because something is permissible does not mean it is beneficial… be careful what you put in your body people!!!

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