“Death Space station” spinach breadsticks

As a lovely accompaniment to our spaghetti dinner, we made interesting breadsticks!

2 pizza doughs (raw round uncooked dough for this recipe, the “whop” pizza dough cans for the Christmas tree spinach breadsticks in the accompanying video)

spinach/cheese filling

no sodium added (only the salt already in the pizza dough and cheese)

fold and craft the orb:  one circular dough laid out, with spinach/cheese spread evenly, then lay the other circular dough on the top and cut toward center with pizza cutter, leaving a several-inch strip in the middle uncut (see photo above),  twist each portion formed by the pizza cutter about 4 twists and pinch the ends of each portion to seal.

cook 22 minutes at 400 F

brush butter on the surface and enjoy!

Video:  How to create this spinach breadstick extravaganza (and recipe)!

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