Looking for a wildlife camera…….ideas?

I happen to know an area where foxes live and I want to start doing some wildlife imaging studies.  Anyone have experience with this type of adventure?  Which wildlife camera is best?  I think I would like camera shots and video capability.  Easy upload to mp4.

I also think I know where the bigfoot/sasquatch monster lives…………

Video:  Chris Norton discovers a fox den entrance

Fox in the meadow video


  1. I’ve been wanting to set up a live nest camera in a tree where there is a RT hawk’s nest that I’ve been watching. I’m thinking we probably need the same kind of camera, except you’d need yours to detect motion, unless you’re wanting to set it up in the den. I love watching nature, especially when it’s in my backyard. I have looked at a few, and I like the ones that have wifi so that I can watch from my laptop or phone, where ever I am. I’ve also been told that you have to have permission from MS wildlife bigwigs, and in some cases, depending on the animal, the federal government’s permission…if you want to be completely legal about it. If you find one you like, let me know what you’ve found.

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  2. Hi! I don’t know a lot about wildlife photography specifically (apart from my African excursions). I am a photographer though, so I know a liiiitle about cameras. Canons are absolutely incredible. It is what I shoot on and have always shot on, so I’m a bit biased! I have seen killer images created on a Sony & Nikon as well. Canon is known for its impeccable video quality, so if you are conflicted between Canon & something else, I’d go with the Canon. I started out with a Rebel T2i. It is veerrrry easy to find a second hand camera for sale during this time of year with Christmas quickly approaching. I now have upgraded to the 5D Mark iii and love it. Great pics & vids! It served me well in Africa and continues to do so here


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