Stem cell quandary

My understanding at the moment:  At about the 8-cell stage of development, after fertilization, cells can be pulled from the early being and each cell can be the progenitor of a stem cell line.  Since stem cells can differentiate into different tissues, they are considered a worthwhile resource for tissue rehabilitation.

There is some argument as to the benefit of stem cells from an embryo as compared to umbilical stem cells.  Is the benefit from the destruction of an embryo to obtain a stem cell worthy as compared to umbilical cells which can be harvested without harm to the neonate?

Corrections to my preconceptions are welcome.





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October 18, 2017 Barnes Disclaimer


  1. If it is just as safe to take cells from the umbilical cord, then I would think that would be better. However, if it isn’t then if it isn’t harmful to the life of the embryo then you should be able to take the stem cells from there. I think we should be able to experiment with this some more.


  2. I don’t agree with either way of getting stem cells. God gave you a baby and God wants you to love and care for His gift the way it is.


  3. I disprove of any person willing to put an embryo at risk for any reason, especially since the umbilical chord cells are a great candidate for further research.

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  4. I started looking up embryotic stem cells vs umbilical cord stem cells and had to stop reading the information I was coming across. It just sickens me to know that a human life is produced, whether in a woman’s womb or a petri dish, can so thoughtlessly be discarded or, what I feel is a more suitable word, butchered. All it takes is the consent from the donors, for whom I’m sure were handsomely paid.

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  5. It is my personal opinion that life begins at conception. So in my opinion stem cell research is not worth the destruction of an embryo. Great medical strides are being made every day using cord blood. I personally had my daughters cord blood banked. Umbilical stem cells just like embryo stem cells can be used to treat cancer, blood disorders, immune deficiencies, metabolic disorders, and more.


  6. As a mother myself, my personal opinion would be to harvest the stem cells from the umbilical cord, so not to kill the baby. I personally don’t understand why you would kill the baby harvesting the embryo stem cells when you could birth the baby and take the stem cells from the umbilical cord- unless they baby is being aborted for personal or medical reasons if your using these stem cells for research, then I guess my answer is umbilical stem cells seem more worthy to me than killing an embryo.

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  7. wow this is very interesting. The umbilical cord cells are just as good as the stem cells in the embryo? I believe that this is a way better way then the destruction of the embryo.

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    1. I agree, if both are equally beneficial in research, then why risk the embryo. I don’t think there could be any benefit worth the risk of harming the embryo.

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    2. I agree with her. I do not believe the embryos should be destroyed. If we can leave the umbilical cord alone and it still be harvested, let’s do that.

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  8. I would think that it would be safer to simply harvest cells from the umbilical chord instead of risking harming the being. But I’m sure if there is an existing argument as to what stage it is best to take place then there’s probably a difference in the outcome of the cells usage.

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