What are dogs saying when they bark?

It is a lovely thing (I can imagine) for a household pet to notice a person walking in the street in front of their house. The dog has been pacing the floor and all of a sudden, intruder alert! ….blinds obliterated, smudge marks on the glass…..

Bark interpreted: “Let them have it!”

Bark, Bark, Bark: (Maybe if I bark more someone will notice how vigilant I am) “Let ’em have it!”

Interpreted by human:

#1 “I am a valuable dog because I am picking up on abnormal activity/findings!” (intruders in the street)

#2 “If I could just get out of this house, I would give this dude in the crosswalk vest and the cowboy hat, a piece ‘a me! Minimally, more barks….maximally, a few teeth (marks)!   I have the power to strike fear! Run away funny man!”

Video:  Man in the orange crosswalk guard vest


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