When live gives one lemons, make lemonade.  Or guacamole.

So what if I don’t?

Suffering that does not lead to transformation leads to translation.

To others.  Family members. Generational.  Passed down and perpetuated.


Dwelling on my problems encourages residing with my problems.  Living there.  In THAT place.

It seems like when I complain, others perceive me as complaining.

What can I do?

What is in my circle of influence?  Me.  I can change me.  What can I do today?  What is the next indicated step?

Resentments preserve resentments.

When I stop being frustrated with others and my condition, I am freed to change myself.

Let there be a change in this country, and let it begin with me.

My attitude.

Is it an attitude of gratitude?  Does  my personality emanate an attitude of contentedness?

I live in the wealthiest country on this planet.  I see people purchasing grocery carts overflowing with food.  They may have an ample supply.  I have enough.

In my country.

I am rich.

Who can I serve today?  I want to put a smile on another person’s face.  Joy.  Peace.  Serenity.

I want to give life with my words.  To speak hope.

Building community by curbing my own impulsivity:  THINK

T   Is it truthful?

H  Is it it honest?

I   Is it intelligent?

N   Is it necessary?

K   Is it kind?

I can ask for help through the power of prayer.  For myself and others.  I can be thankful for the things I perceive as good and bad;  both have shaped me into the person I am today.

Wisdom to mend broken fences with my neighbor (figuratively).

Am I treating others in the manner that I prefer to be treated?

Let’s do this together!  Let’s start today and make a new day!  The path of harmony.

Brother Barnes



pink and orange zinnias
Living in harmony.